Rolando Lamb, America’s Character Coach, has a life story worth telling:
• Growing up without his father in the tough, inner city of Portsmouth, VA.
• His all-American high school basketball career
• His VCU Hall of Fame collegiate career with legendary Coach Tubby Smith.
• His draft selection into the NBA by the Seattle Supersonics.

Coach Lamb has beaten all odds and proven himself a winner throughout
his life. Now, he shares the Life-Winning Principles he learned on the court,
applying them where they count most — LIFE, with audiences across
America. Fortune 500 leaders, high school and college students,
professional and prep athletes and coaches laugh, cry and learn as Coach
Lamb challenges each one of them to maximize their full potential. His
unique passion for winning and his ability to inspire others to win the right
way make him a powerhouse of inspiration and motivation alike.


 Many athletes can handle the physical aspect of the game, but it’s the mental aspect that separates the winner from everyone else. Coach Lamb will help you develop a winning attitude and mindset that will improve your performance and  determine your rewards.

"‘True Character is the key to being a true champion.’ Program participants are taught how to develop their own personal coaching system or game plan and how to become true champions in the game of life.”

Wellington Boone
Bishop/Author, Wellington Boone Ministries

“Coach Lamb has been an integral part of our success over the years. He brings a unique and challenging perspective to our program. Time spent with Coach Lamb goes a long way toward making champions, and we here at Norcross High School are blessed to be associated with him.”

Jesse McMillian
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Norcross High School

“Coach Lamb, America’s #1 Character Coach, has one of the most important training programs for athletes, coaches and parents. I’ve seen his A-Game” Success System firsthand and it works! I highly recommend Coach Lamb to every sports program in America.”

Norman Parker
Founder/President, Georgia Stars

“Rolando Lamb delivers a special life skills program that can inspire and change young athletes’ lives. I’ve seen it happen!”

Tubby Smith
Legendary Coach